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Urinary tract infection symptoms women pregnant

Uti symptoms women pregnant
Uti symptoms women pregnant

Urinary tract infection symptoms women pregnant

uti symptoms women pregnant occurs in the urinary system of the body.

Urinary tract infection called bladder infection, is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract.

Pregnant women are at increased risk of urinary tract infection starting at week 6 until week 24.

What are the symptoms ?

How can I prevent a Urinary tract infection?

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day and cranberry juice is regularly unsweetened.
  • Eliminate refined foods, fruit juices, caffeine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Take vitamin C
  • Beta carotene
  • zinc
  • Develop lower abdominal and the habit of urinating as soon as you feel the need and empty the bladder completely when urinating.
  • Peeing before and after intercourse.
  • Avoid intercourse while you are being treated for urinary tract infection.
  • After urinating, dry the spots (do not rub) and keep the genital area clean. Make sure to scan from front to back.
  • Avoid the use of strong soap, shower and creams, and clean the femininity and powders.
  • Change lingerie and pantyhose every day.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants.
  • Wear all cotton or crotch and cotton underwear.
  • Do not soak in the bathtub for more than 30 minutes or more twice a day.

How The Urinary Tract Infection affect Your baby?

Uti symptoms women pregnant
Uti symptoms women pregnant

If uti symptoms women pregnant is not treated, it may lead to kidney infection.

Your lower abdominal cramping.

Kidney infection can cause premature birth and low birth weight.

If your doctor treats urinary tract infection early and correctly, urinary tract infection will not cause harm to your child.

How You Can Avoid Urinary Tract Infection ?

  • Drink at least eight of water as possible a day.
  • Wipe yourself from front to back when you go to the bathroom.
  • Avoid feminine strong deodorants or soap that cause irritation.
  • Take a shower instead of the baths.
  • Do not wear very tight pants.
  • lower abominal cramping
  • Going to regular antenatal checkups, urine tests will routinely detect urinary tract infection.
  • Avoid sitting in the bathroom.
  • Shower removal, female spraying, and harsh soap in the genital area.
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Wipe from front to back.

Lower back pain, uti symptoms women pregnant morning sickness, and heartburn are not already enough, you are more likely to get UTI during pregnancy, especially if you have one before.

Even if you do everything you can to keep your urine healthy for you and your child, you are only humans (cultivating another human being) and you may need additional help.

This is where we come in! Try Uakora to stay UTI-free.

Why is urinary tract infection more common during pregnancy?

During pregnancy
During pregnancy

Hormones are one of the reasons, In pregnancy, lower abdominal during pregnancy.

They cause changes in the urinary tract, which makes women more susceptible to infection.

The growing uterus presses on the bladder.

This makes it difficult for you to leave all the urine in the bladder. Residual urine can be a source of infection.


You will take a urine test.

The doctor will test for bacteria, red blood cells and white blood cells you can see also like blood in dog stool.

Urine culture can also be examined.
The type of bacteria in the urine appears.

Treatment or treatment

You will take antibiotics for 3-7 days or as your doctor recommends.

If your inflammation makes you feel uncomfortable, your doctor may start treatment before you get urine test results.

Symptoms should disappear within 3 days.

Take all your medicines on time. Do not stop it early, even if the symptoms fade away.

Many common antibiotics – amoxicillin, erythromycin and penicillin, for example – are safe for pregnant women.

Your doctor will not prescribe others, such as sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline, which may affect your baby’s growth.

What are the good means of treatment ?

  • Wearing only cotton underwear
  • Nixing lingerie at night
  • Avoid shower, perfume or aerosols
  • Drink plenty of water to stay moist
  • Avoid any harsh soap or body wash in the genital area

Most urinary tract infections are treated during pregnancy with a cycle of antibiotics.

Your doctor will prescribe a safe antibiotic for pregnancy, but it is still effective in killing bacteria in your body.

If your urinary tract infection progresses to a kidney infection.

You may need to take a stronger antibiotic.

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Urinary tract infection symptoms women pregnant
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Urinary tract infection symptoms women pregnant
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